Swelling, A Sign of Sickness

I didn’t get that swelling meant that I was sick! Pretty dumb, huh? I mean, it’s not a typical state, at least it shouldn’t be.

The problem is that when you are swollen all or most of the time, it IS your typical state and therefor you may not realize that the swelling is a sign of sickness.

This article is worth reading. Here’s my quick summary with my twist to it.

Eat a pH-balanced diet (about 80% fruit/veg’s, 20% protein). Low carb (wheat and sugar). — You are what you eat.

Don’t be fat. (Articles on cancer prevention say not to ever weigh more than 10 pounds greater than the day  you turned 30.)

Do yoga and meditate daily. Walk Buddy (and Shep, my other dog) daily. — De-stress.

Avoid stress and people that cause stress.

Avoid toxins. ALL toxins. Toxins build up in our bodies. Toxins are poison. Poison kills. Avoid fragrance. Don’t eat canned food or breath chemicals stored in metal. (Metal from the container goes into the product, then into the air or onto you. Think of air fresheners. They are a mix of two toxic products: fragrance mix and metal. Yuck! — Use backing soda in a bowl. Think paint: potassium dichromate and metal. Both toxic.)

Get fresh air. Open windows. Spend time outside.

Have fun. Enjoy life. Don’t get upset. “That’s okay,” as Buddy says.



About Faye Lynn

Barefoot and Breathless is a contemporary romance, chick-lit, women's fiction novel about a single mother looking for love, dealing with her son's growing independence, overcoming a past abusive relationship, trying to stay true to her morals, and teaching in a public at-risk school. It's a light, fun read with a writing style of Rachel Gibson meets Janet Evanovich. Like the heroine in Barefoot and Breathless, I'm a teacher, yogi, and single mother. I hope you enjoy reading my posts, and I look forward to reading your comments. Carpe Diem, Faye Lynn
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