Changing Tides

My youngest cousin had a baby today. Welcome little Evelyn.

Along with this wonderful event, I realize that little Evelyn will probably be the last baby my sisters, cousins, or I will have. Yikes! Damn! You know what that means!?!

It means that we are now the “old” ones!

But, hold it. I’m not really old. Right?

Erg. Hmmm. I have this 1.5-acre yard that I love, and my son doesn’t like. He prefers the city, where there are plenty of places to go nearby. I prefer the country, where the air is clean, the water is from a well, the sounds are mainly birds and crickets and dogs barking, and a city is thirty miles away. I also don’t mind working in my yard, in fact, I kind of enjoy it. Whereas my son thinks association fees are worth it. And yet, he planted trees for me today, which he has never done before! Oh, he’s helped, but he’s never planted them completely on his own.

So why did he plant my trees today? OMG, because I’m (gulp) old!

No. No, wait. Here’s a better reason: Because he’s younger and stronger.

And about little Evelyn, well, she’s cute and parenting is fun. But so is doing what I want, when I want.

You know Buddy’s take on this “old” business?

That’s okay!”


About Faye Lynn

Barefoot and Breathless is a contemporary romance, chick-lit, women's fiction novel about a single mother looking for love, dealing with her son's growing independence, overcoming a past abusive relationship, trying to stay true to her morals, and teaching in a public at-risk school. It's a light, fun read with a writing style of Rachel Gibson meets Janet Evanovich. Like the heroine in Barefoot and Breathless, I'm a teacher, yogi, and single mother. I hope you enjoy reading my posts, and I look forward to reading your comments. Carpe Diem, Faye Lynn
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