11 Foods Banned in Other Countries, Allowed in the U. S.

Here’s a list of 11 foods that are banned in other countries because they cause poor health conditions. But these foods are sold and eaten in the United States.

If you don’t eat anything from a box, bag, or can, you are going to be pretty safe. But you also need to eat and drink hormone-free milk and other dairy products. And you need to eat grass-fed beef and meats (with no growth hormones or antibiotics).

If you suffer from migraines, get blisters in your mouth shortly after eating, suffer from swelling anywhere in your body, are frequently ill, or have a poor immune system, I recommended getting allergy tests for man-made/environment things, such as dyes.

For the past two years, I have not eaten anything from a box, bag, or can, and I’ve only drank hormone-free milk and eaten grass-fed beef, and I feel much better. (My one cheat is coffee beens from a bag. But at least I buy whole beans so there isn’t other things munched into the coffee.) If you eat anything from a can, metal has leached into the food, making it absolutely horrible for you.

Remember: You are what you eat.

Here’s the list of 11 things to avoid in foods:

  • Growth hormones, found in nonorganic dairy products
  • Arsenic, found in chicken
  • Blue dye #1, found in candy, cereal, drinks, and pet food, such as Nutri-Grain Bars
  • Blue dye #2, found in M&Ms
  • Yellow dye #5 and #6, found in boxed food such as macarroni and cheese
  • Red dye #40, found in boxed, bagged, and bottled foods such as salad dressing, pies, ice cream, candy, fruit coctail
  • Brominate vegetable oil, found in sodas and sports drinks
  • Azodicarbonamide, found in bleached flour
  • Potassium Bromate, found in dough and brominate vegetable oil
  • Olesta, a fat substitute, in bagged food like “light” chips
  • BHA and BHT, a waxy substance, in boxed foods like cereal

I hope this information improves the healthy of you and your loved ones.



About Faye Lynn

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