Poison for Profit: Axe AXE Products

Breathing is a necessity. – Wearing fragrance is not. Spraying aerosols is not.

AXE is rated “highly toxic”. When in an aerosol can, the toxic product mixes with nickel and other heavy metals. This creates a mixture that is 3,000-4,000 times stronger and stays in the body for 30 or more years. Thus one exposure lasts a lifetime. Once a person’s T-cells die from repeated exposures, the cells cannot heal. And the person becomes allergic to things that didn’t used to bother them. Often this is potassium dichromate (inks, dies, paints).

The Disability Act covers allergies (also called sensitivities). People are receive monthly Social Security Disability payments because they cannot work in places with fragrances and aerosols. People are seeing doctors for these allergies — only to be given steroids, painkillers, migraine medicine, and have sinus and other surgeries — so they can prolong their exposures and become sicker and sicker. 

So sick, that eventually their bodies are so poisoned that they cannot go to the grocery store, or discount store, or restaurant, or movie, or family gatherings.

Breathing is a necessity.  About 30 percent of the population is allergic to fragrances. 

If the production and selling of fragrances and aerosols were banned, kids would do better in school, adults would work more productively, people would enjoy life more, there would be less money spent on doctors and medicine, there would be fewer people on disability.


About Faye Lynn

Barefoot and Breathless is a contemporary romance, chick-lit, women's fiction novel about a single mother looking for love, dealing with her son's growing independence, overcoming a past abusive relationship, trying to stay true to her morals, and teaching in a public at-risk school. It's a light, fun read with a writing style of Rachel Gibson meets Janet Evanovich. Like the heroine in Barefoot and Breathless, I'm a teacher, yogi, and single mother. I hope you enjoy reading my posts, and I look forward to reading your comments. Carpe Diem, Faye Lynn
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