EPA Uses Humans: AXE, Lupus, Migraines, Cancer, Chemical Sensitivity

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) uses humans to test “pollutants” — more specifically, toxic chemicals. And the EPA does NOT tell them of the full range of risks involved with participating in the tests.

Little is known about auto-immune diseases (like Lupus, Scleroderma), yet these diseases can be deadly, deforming, extremely painful, and disabling. They are covered by Social Security Disability (SSD). There is NO cure for auto-immune diseases. One thing that is known about them is that they are often brought on by toxic chemicals.

Allergies to environmental toxins (meaning man-made or mixed chemicals, like fragrances and diesel fuel) get worse each time a person is exposed to them, and the concentration of even ONE exposure can cause a person to develop Chemical Sensitivity. Once a person develops a sensitivity (meaning extreme allergy that may interfere with the ability to breath, cause their eyes to swell shut …) to one thing, they become sensitive to many other things, even food and cooking utensils. — There is NO cure for Chemical Sensitivities, they can be disabling, and they are covered by SSD (as well as Human Rights Commission).

Migraines are often brought on by environmental chemicals, although most people don’t even know that it is their exposure to them has caused their migraine because it sometimes take three to five days for the chemical to fully penetrate the body and cause the reaction. Migraines are also covered by SSD.

The attached article says, “the reason the agency gave for not informing subjects about the cancer risks was the risks associated with two-hour exposures ‘would be minimal.’ One manager said those risks are typically calculated over a lifetime exposure of 40 years. . . .  several ‘adverse’ events were reported over the testing period. This included subjects experiencing conditions ranging from a migraine to cardiac arrhythmia to decreased lung function. All those subjects were treated for those conditions.”

The article does NOT mention Auto-Immune Diseases or Chemical Sensitivities (also called Environmental Sensitivities).

The article does NOT explain that every exposure a person has to toxins makes the person less able to handle future exposures to toxins, as toxins build up in your body over your lifetime. If you’re into science, think half-lives. For example AXE Body Spray will stay in your body for at least 30 years because the AXE product, which is rated “highly toxic”, mixes with the metal from the can. That is why people allergic to nickel and fragrance are having extreme reactions — disabling reactions — when exposed to this product.

The chemicals people are forced to breath today, just in going to school or post office or grocery store or work, is NOT okay. The choices some people make to use these products infringes with equal access for others. — It was once thought that smoking would never be banned in public places, but it is because the harmful effects became known and publicized. It is time for the harmful effects of toxic chemicals to be known, publicized, and banned.

Since 1990, the number one reason people are becoming disabled is Toxic Sensitivity. So this issue ties into our countries economy and national debt.




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