Arsenic: Cancer Causing Chemicals in Bottle and Public Water

Thinking of trading in your well water for bottled water? Think again.

Bottled water (as well as public drinking water or city water) may contain 10 parts per billion (.01mg/L) arsenic. And arsenic would NOT be listed on the bottle’s nutrition or ingredient list, because the quantity of arsenic would be within the limits established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Public drinking water and bottled water pulled from municipal sources (which is estimated to be 60%) is treated with the following cancer causing chemicals: chloramine, chlorine, and chlorine dioxide. And again, these toxins are NOT listed on the bottle.

When considering switching from well water to bottled water, make sure you’re not lowering the limit of one contaminant but adding several other contaminants. And realize that the exact contaminant in your well water, often arsenic, can still be in bottled water!

Disinfectant MRDLG MRDL
Chloramine 4 milligrams per liter (mg/L) or 4 parts per million (ppm) 4.0 mg/L or 4 ppm as an annual average
Chlorine 4 mg/L or 4 ppm 4.0 mg/L or 4 ppm as an annual average
Chlorine Dioxide 0.8 mg/L or 800 parts per billion (ppb) 0.8 mg/L or 800 ppb
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Arsenic: Bottled Water, Well Water, City Water

How is water (known as the universal solvent) sitting on a shelf for more than 8 hours (the time it takes for bacteria to grow) in a plastic (a petroleum-based product) container seen as a health benefit?

Furthermore, while bottled water is transported it’s most likely been exposed to heat which would exasperate the harmful effects.

Reverse osmosis, the process used to eliminate arsenic, also strips water of all of its positive minerals and leaves the water with a bad taste. Thus minerals and flavoring are typically added, and the flavoring may be unhealthy for you.

When you buy mineral water, the only mineral in it may be sodium, which the average adult consumes three to four times too much of anyway, so you don’t want it in your water.

The total parts per billion (ppb) of arsenic in drinking water was set at 50 for decades. In 2001, the FDA moved this to 10 ppb, however they did not start enforcing it until 2006.

When looking at your overall arsenic intake, consider the other fluids that you consume each day. For example, I drink four glasses of organic milk as part of my 10-12 glasses of fluid each day. Thus the ppb arsenic level in my overall fluid intake is about 25% lower than what’s in my well water.

Other factors count too. What else do you eat and drink? If you eat rice and drink fruit juices, for example, you are digesting arsenic from them too.

What healthly habits do you have that help the body to detoxify? Do you squeeze fresh lemon into a glass of water each day? Do you do yoga? Do you go for daily walks? These things help the digestive track to eliminate toxins.

Are you taking in arsenic by other means? Do you use weed killer? Have you ever splashed it on your skin while mixing a concentrate or have you gotten it on yourself while spraying? Do you wear a face mask while you use it? Toxins seep through your skin and you breathe them.

Well water may have more arsenic in it than public drinking water (city potable water) or bottled water, but all city water has been treated by a water treatment plant and harmful chemicals, such as chlorine, have been added. The same is true for about 60% of bottled water.

Not to pick on dear Trader Joe’s, but since it’s one of the most affordable and popular bottled waters . . . It’s bottled in Los Angles. Smoggy, heavily populated LA. Lack of precipitation, technically a desert, LA. So, how clean do you think their water is? Do you have any idea how Trader Joe’s water has been treated? Have you read what minerals are actually in their Sparkling Mineral Water?

As for bottled water pulled from artesian wells or creeks, contaminants can get in during the bottling process and their water does not have to be tested as often as city water.

One more point — bottled water is terrible for the environment. It uses water (no longer considered a renewable resource since we are depleting it at a faster rate than it can restore itself) and fuel to manufacture it, even if it’s being stored in a glass bottle. Non-renewable energy is consumed to transport bottled water. Transportation methods pollute the air. Most used ­bottles go into land fills, or “ocean fills,” injuring innocent sea life, like dolphins.

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EPA Uses Humans: AXE, Lupus, Migraines, Cancer, Chemical Sensitivity

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) uses humans to test “pollutants” — more specifically, toxic chemicals. And the EPA does NOT tell them of the full range of risks involved with participating in the tests.

Little is known about auto-immune diseases (like Lupus, Scleroderma), yet these diseases can be deadly, deforming, extremely painful, and disabling. They are covered by Social Security Disability (SSD). There is NO cure for auto-immune diseases. One thing that is known about them is that they are often brought on by toxic chemicals.

Allergies to environmental toxins (meaning man-made or mixed chemicals, like fragrances and diesel fuel) get worse each time a person is exposed to them, and the concentration of even ONE exposure can cause a person to develop Chemical Sensitivity. Once a person develops a sensitivity (meaning extreme allergy that may interfere with the ability to breath, cause their eyes to swell shut …) to one thing, they become sensitive to many other things, even food and cooking utensils. — There is NO cure for Chemical Sensitivities, they can be disabling, and they are covered by SSD (as well as Human Rights Commission).

Migraines are often brought on by environmental chemicals, although most people don’t even know that it is their exposure to them has caused their migraine because it sometimes take three to five days for the chemical to fully penetrate the body and cause the reaction. Migraines are also covered by SSD.

The attached article says, “the reason the agency gave for not informing subjects about the cancer risks was the risks associated with two-hour exposures ‘would be minimal.’ One manager said those risks are typically calculated over a lifetime exposure of 40 years. . . .  several ‘adverse’ events were reported over the testing period. This included subjects experiencing conditions ranging from a migraine to cardiac arrhythmia to decreased lung function. All those subjects were treated for those conditions.”

The article does NOT mention Auto-Immune Diseases or Chemical Sensitivities (also called Environmental Sensitivities).

The article does NOT explain that every exposure a person has to toxins makes the person less able to handle future exposures to toxins, as toxins build up in your body over your lifetime. If you’re into science, think half-lives. For example AXE Body Spray will stay in your body for at least 30 years because the AXE product, which is rated “highly toxic”, mixes with the metal from the can. That is why people allergic to nickel and fragrance are having extreme reactions — disabling reactions — when exposed to this product.

The chemicals people are forced to breath today, just in going to school or post office or grocery store or work, is NOT okay. The choices some people make to use these products infringes with equal access for others. — It was once thought that smoking would never be banned in public places, but it is because the harmful effects became known and publicized. It is time for the harmful effects of toxic chemicals to be known, publicized, and banned.

Since 1990, the number one reason people are becoming disabled is Toxic Sensitivity. So this issue ties into our countries economy and national debt.


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Visual Effects, a Broken Business Model

In the past 10 years, 21 visual effects companies closed or filed bankruptcy, yet 49 of 50 top grossing films relied heavily on visual effects/computer animation.

Why the closures/bankruptcies: Foreign Tax Subsidies (at 9:40). And tax subsidies offered by other countries (at 8:00).


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Eat Well to Feel Well

What you eat, as well as what you put on your skin and breathe, makes a huge difference in how well your body functions. When you feed your body toxins and heavy metals, your body cannot function well and you will not feel well – be it sick or just achy.

Aches, pains, and illnesses can creep up slowly. We adapt to pain, learn to live with it. We make excuses for aches, say it’s just part of aging.

But if you take a few moments each day and inventory how you feel – say in the morning upon waking up before getting out of bed, at the start of a yoga session, while taking a daily walk – you would stay in tune with your body and could correct an illness before it gets out of hand.

What you eat and wear and breathe can cause migraines, sinus infections, autoimmune diseases, arthritis, tonsillitis, ear aches, gout, indigestion. – What you eat you digest. What you wear penetrates the skin. What you breathe circulates through your respiratory system. All three can destroy major organs needed to sustain life.

I’ve attached a wonderful article to help you to clean your body. In addition to what the article recommends I recommend two things.

  • Do not eat anything from a box, bag, or can. – Can goods contain heavy metal. Box, bag, and can goods contain preservatives.

  • Consider your own body and eliminate foods and products that may benefit it in particular. For example, if you are prone to getting shingles, eliminate chocolate and follow a shingles diet. (Chocolate is bagged anyway.) If you’re allergic to fragrances, don’t wear them or use them in your home and avoid them when out.

As far as “Practice What You Preach” – I’ve done this diet with the exception of allowing myself two cups of milk a day. And I also reduced my consumption of sugar to six teaspoons a day. The results:

  • My migraines are gone (unless I’m exposed to what I’m allergic to by way of other people wearing them). – I had suffered from migraines since I was nine.

  • I do not get shingles. – I had bouts of shingles since I was 22.

  • I do not get sinus infections. – I had sinus infections all of my life and sinus surgery at 32, but the infections continued.

  • I do not get ear aches. – I had them since I was 18.

  • I have had only one throat infection in the past three years. – My tonsils were removed at 19 but that didn’t stop the ongoing infections.

  • The swelling in my foot that kept me awake at night, caused a limp, and limited my activities is completely gone. – I had suffered on and off from this since 30, but steadily for several years.

Swelling is a sign that your body is in trouble. Take it seriously and resolve the issue before it becomes a serious illness.

My Buddy says causing yourself to be sick is not okay. Take care of yourself and live your life to the fullest.

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AXE: Highly Toxic and Heavy Metal

Axe is rated “highly toxic”. When sprayed from a can, this toxic product mixes with heavy metal, making it about 4,000 times more toxic and causing it to stay in you body for 30-plus years.

Toxic chemicals cause Lupus, cancer, heart disease, and more.

Other countries restrict manufacturers from producing highly toxic products such as Axe.

Wearing Axe is similar to smoking in public places. The fragrance and heavy metal comes off you; that is why other people can smell it. Then they breath the Axe and heavy metal, and it seeps through their skin and eyes, and eventually works into their blood stream, as well as yours.

Approximately 30% of the U. S. population is allergic to fragrance. And no amount of heavy metal is healthy for anybody.

Some students are not able to attend public schools because of the product. Some adults are “permanently and totally disabled” because of the product and collecting Social Security Disability because of it. Chemical sensitivity and allergies are covered under the Disability Act and Social Security Disability.

Axe products need to be banned. It is not okay to wear them in public.

EMS were called in to the Medgar Evers College Preparatory School in Crown Heights around 1 p.m. after a “hazardous” substance caused several sixth graders to take ill.

In a statement released by the Department of Education, the incident was blamed on “Axe Spray” being released inside the classroom by a student.”

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Poison for Profit: Axe AXE Products

Breathing is a necessity. – Wearing fragrance is not. Spraying aerosols is not.

AXE is rated “highly toxic”. When in an aerosol can, the toxic product mixes with nickel and other heavy metals. This creates a mixture that is 3,000-4,000 times stronger and stays in the body for 30 or more years. Thus one exposure lasts a lifetime. Once a person’s T-cells die from repeated exposures, the cells cannot heal. And the person becomes allergic to things that didn’t used to bother them. Often this is potassium dichromate (inks, dies, paints).

The Disability Act covers allergies (also called sensitivities). People are receive monthly Social Security Disability payments because they cannot work in places with fragrances and aerosols. People are seeing doctors for these allergies — only to be given steroids, painkillers, migraine medicine, and have sinus and other surgeries — so they can prolong their exposures and become sicker and sicker. 

So sick, that eventually their bodies are so poisoned that they cannot go to the grocery store, or discount store, or restaurant, or movie, or family gatherings.

Breathing is a necessity.  About 30 percent of the population is allergic to fragrances. 

If the production and selling of fragrances and aerosols were banned, kids would do better in school, adults would work more productively, people would enjoy life more, there would be less money spent on doctors and medicine, there would be fewer people on disability.

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